It is very important that the values of early childhood development strategies be fully embraced and implemented, we owe to every child a rhythm of quality education and the merit of early childhood preparation. It is therefore our greatest aspiration that we strive towards mitigating learning and childhood developmental gaps through the supply of instructive and educational toys.

Our toys are solid objects of play, generally designed for children, made of wood, plastic and plush. Which are anticipated to stimulate learning. We supply toys that are intended to meet an educational constructs such as cognitive development, physical development, social skills development, numeracy and counting skills development, literacy and computational skills development through educating, instructing and promoting intellectuality.

They often simplify, miniaturize, or model activities and objects used by adults. The rage of toys we have cater for a wide age group, children as young as a year old up to 10 years can benefit. Preschools, cooperating in stores, crèches, kindergartens and individuals consumers are of utmost importance to us.

Ladies and gentlemen please feel free to drop your email address if you would like to have our catalogue, for any general questions please inbox me or call on these numbers : +27 62 588 7304 / +27 71 379 6036.

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