As a Durban based financial advisor, the product and services I offer include:

– Personalised investment advice through advanced analytics.
– Direct access to the stock market at market leading affordability.
– A risk and cost free demo option.

The most popular option has been to start with a demo account where they gain valuable experience in buying and selling shares.

When you are ready to start investing your own hard earned money the only cost involved is a 1.25% transactional fee.

Unique innovations allow you to ve a player in the market with a little as R50 as well as have the option of a monthly cobtribution.

The key to successful investing is commitment to and decipline in a sound strategy over a period of time.

Take your first step to financial freedom through investing like so many other successful people before you.

SecureFin Advisory Services is a 100% ethnic African owned and managed authorized financial services provider | FSP no. 47938

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