Unique business opportunity that has Incredible profit potential. This is a first of its kind, it is compact and everything is self contained. It is a Food Trolley that comes with a Gas Griller and and Bain Maries and fully Gas operated. You can park it virtually anywhere, on a pavement, outside nightclubs, taxi ranks, schools, churches, functions and plenty more places.

Make Borewors Rolls, Pap and Vleis, Voetkoeks, Chips, Burgers, Pegro Rolls and more and sell to the public. The cart is bright and attracts people to it.

How much can you make? Depending on how hard you or your employee works you can make a LOT!

I will give you an idea,


50 X Borewors rolls at R25 each per day = R1250/day

Less: Cost R9 per Borewors roll X 50 = R450

Profit = R800 per day


30 X Hamburgers @ R30 each per day = R900

Less : Cost R10 per Burger X 30 = R300

Profit = R600

If you add the two together you get about R1400 per day and if you work 25 days in a month that could equate to R35,000 PER MONTH. And that is only on 2 product lines.

This is a brilliant opportunity for anyone that would like to start making real money. Book an appointment to View today. Call Us on 011 568 4384 to arrange. Limited stocks available!!!


1) How much Does it Cost?
Currently on special for this month only..Was R21,999 now
ONLY R16,999. The price will return to R21,999 on the 1st of
Oct 2018

2) Is this a Franchise?
It is not a franchise and there are no royalty fees. It also means
that you can be creative with your menu and control your own

3) Can i Lay-bye?
Yes you can, we give you up to 4 months to pay. You will only
receive the cart after paying your final installment

4) What do i get with when I buy a street chef food trolley?
1 X Cart
1 X Street Chef Branding
1 X Grill
3 X Bain Maries

5) Are there any additional extras?
Yes there are. You can add a chip fryer and cooker to do Pap
and a grill surface for meat and chicken. The Umbrella and price
list board is optional as well.

Extras – Costs

Chip Fryer – R1950
Umbrella – R1000
One Plate Gas Stove – R800

6) Do i need a licence to operate the cart?
It depends on the bylaws of where you would like to operate. In
Johannesburg, you will need to apply for a Hawker’s Permit. You
pay a once-off fee of around R200 and thats it. We unfortunately
do not apply on your behalf.

7) How Big is the cart?
It is 1.2m long and 700mm wide

8) How do you transport it?
It is small enough to fit in most bakkies. It also has wheels and
can be pushed from one point to another.

9) Can I arrange to View the Street Chef Cart?
Yes you can. Just phone our Office number on 011 568 4384 to
make a booking.

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