Do people with albinism really disappear when they die? Are they lucky? Are they a blessing or a curse? Many myths and beliefs are still experienced and recognised yet rarely addressed like in this book. Take a journey on this real and interesting book about the different challenges and victories about albinism. The challenges parents faced when discovering that the baby is with albinism. The child’s challenges starting school, psychological effects, discrimination, being bullied, family dynamics, high school and other challenges like dating, rejection, and alcohol abuse.

Journey with him to the multi-national University of the Witwatersrand where he meets others with albinism from different countries like Zimbabwe, Tanzania and others who inspires him to form a support group, sharing their journey and emphasizing not on being victims anymore. Supporting each other, loving themselves as true freedom cannot be obtained if one stays forever in a victim position. There must come a point where people with albinism join hands and educate, write, succeed in business so others can see that they are as normal as everyone else. This book is not only about albinism but also about the power within each one of us to take the challenges we face and turn them into pearls. Life will dish problems to everyone and how we deal with them makes us either victims or victors.

A copy is R200 +R50 for Pep store deliveries. Please call/WhatsApp me on 0832002133

Most of the proceeds from the books goes to awareness campaigns around the country

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