Ever wondered why majority of highly talented folk appear to have a dark cloud following them? Have you experienced the harrowing and devastating pain of a heartbreak?
Well, if you are curious, look no further than Hosea Ramphekwa’s two books – Gifted Hunted and Haunted and Wait To Be Seated.
Gifted, Hunted and Haunted, a national best seller, is about the challenges faced by highly talented people. In the book I dissect the challenges and I also bring about solutions.
In Wait To Be Seated, triggered by a heartbreak I sustained a few years back, I take the road less traveled as I tackle uncomfortable truths and shed light on matters that are normally confined to discussions behind closed doors. I break the guy code, confront myths, and attempt demystifying mysteries in relationships.
If you would like copies of any of my books, feel free to contact me – 0725026727 or 0611318414, @hramphekwa,

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